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I think liberal women have a little thing called jealousy that makes them hate us conservative women so much ;)

Yes, because in the end, women only care about looks and all of our feelings and opinions are linked to how we “stack up” against other women. 

Way to use the “jealous and shallow woman” trope to explain the differences between Conservative and Liberal women, rather than discussing the differences in ideologies and lifestyles. Because obviously we can absolutely NO good arguments against Conservative women other than “they’re prettier” (which, by the way, is subjective, and I’m pretty sure you could find as many attractive Liberal women as Conservative, but that really doesn’t matter when you’re trying to prove a moot point.) 

But whatever. Have fun with that internalized misogyny :D 

Reblogging for commentary, also, I really can’t stand the whole “a person’s appearance is somehow related to their worth” bullshit.

It’s shallow and childish.

While I agree that it’s ridiculous to use the looks of women* to try and attempt to say that one political ideology is better than the other, I’d like to point out that it’s really easy to say all of the women* on the left are ugly when you are using unphotoshopped, paparazzi-like pictures of them. The pictures of the women* on the right are mostly professional headshots. None of them are looking down at notes (like Hilary Clinton could be) or talking on their cell phone in the middle of a public street (like Albright). All of those pictures on the right are professionally done and the headshots are photoshopped (the point of a fucking headshot is to make someone look good). Aside from this being a simply asinine comparison, it’s a completely unfair one, too. Let’s take a picture of you in poor lighting, from an unflattering angle, while you aren’t paying attention to the camera and then take one with your hair and make-up professionally done with soft lighting and photoshop and see which ones look better.

I can play that game, too:

Barbra Streisand

Helen Thomas

Hillary Clinton

Teresa Kerry

Madeleine Albright

Janet Reno

Andrea Dworkin

Nancy Pelosi

Susan Estrich



Conservatism: totally pro-women! Unless you aren’t a conventionally attractive straight cis white woman. In that case, fuck you. Because your attractiveness is the only measure of your worth. Vote conservative!

And yeah, that’s totally why we hate conservative women. Because they’re so purrrrrty. Not because they’re trying to strip away our rights and reinforce the patriarchy, or because of inherent ideological differences. It’s just jealousy, because that’s all us bitches care about anyway. CATFIGHT!

Are you kidding me with this?  Beauty =/= brains.  

Applause for all the commentary.

They did not put Michelle Malkin up there.

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    Sarah Palin…..that’s all i’m going to say….
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    Laura Bush is supports same sex marriage, as well as a woman’s right to choose (Roe vs. Wade) so I don’t think you can...
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    I will never be able to understand how conservative women don’t see that they’re fighting against themselves.
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    Additionally, there’s nothing more hideous than ignorance and intolerance. But please, keep at it with the Photoshop...
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    So white because of standards of beauty.
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