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hisfuckingeyes: It’s like.. yeah she cheated on him, it’s terrible and I feel seriously sorry for Rob but.. Leave them alone! Cheating these days isn’t this big deal so PLEASE GET OVER IT.



since her picture came out, most of robstens complement stupid do not stop to say that it’s not that bad to be wrong but I‘m sorry for someone who has a wife and two young children, is not NOTHING WRONG.
This is absolutely stupid and destructive and his age (pusten) is not an excuse.
They are as much at fault as the other one.

No its not excusable shes an adult and if You really love someone you dont do that shit Im sorry But no,stop it she knows what she was doing shes not a girl.

"Cheating these days isn’t this big deal…" Tell that to Rupert’s wife and kids. 

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Life is fucking her over already.

That's My Girlfriend You Numpties!: Putting Words in Robert's Mouth: It needs to stop!


Okay. I’m sorry. I have been trying to keep my mouth shut but this crap is getting out of hand. This whole “nonstens” are not Robert fans thing is pissing me off!

Okay, I’m not saying this specifically to anyone, but there have been some posts by someone lately that have really irritated me…

If you lost your way...: Of crossing lines and losing decency


Dear Robsten shippers,

(yes, I want you to read this so I’m using the abominable nickname) I have a suggestion for you. Well, for those of you submitting confessions of your thoughts about the “couple”, those who fantasise about their lives, those who create manips, be it innocent or disgusting….

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