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Le rant.


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You have a right to your opinion but I have to disagree. I’m only talking about this interview because that’s the only example you brought up. 

I just re-watched that interview to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. The interview was in English so CL spoke for the group as a whole because the rest of the members aren’t as comfortable with their English. So they allowed her to answer for them, she is the leader after all. They asked Dara a question straight up and she laughed it off and CL finished her thought out respectfully. I don’t see how that means she thinks she’s better than anyone else. If she did she’d talk only of herself (I, me) and not for the group as a whole (we, us). 

Are we taking the lyrics of I Am the Best too seriously?

I won’t get into comparing her to anyone else because I think it’s pointless. But you have the right to feel how you feel regardless. To each their own and all that.

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SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010- GDTOP & 2NE1- Oh Yeah!

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